About Us

Hebei Shinning Metals Co., Ltd., your unique source of all type castings and  stampings!

Castings, made from aluminum, alloy, ductile, malleable & gray iron, steel, stainless steel by sand, permanent mold or lost wax processing methods, are with weight up to 200 kgs to your specifications or international standards. All metal stampings are created through the use of dies (blanking, compound, deep drawn, intricate progressive), modular tooling design, high speed presses from a variety high grade materials of aluminum, alloy, brass, copper, steel, stainless steel. Our employees pride themselves in delivering top quality metal stampings per customer’s blueprints which only skilled craftsmen can produce. Extensive testing and inspection are carried out throughout the entire production process and before delivery to assure customer’s specifications are met or exceeded. We offer plain or finished machined products in low to high volume runs. We are committed to delivering high quality products by focusing on service, competitive pricing, 100% defect-free quality and on time delivery.

We treasure each and every possible opportunity and see every customer’s satisfaction as our goal. We have and will always stick to our original beliefs to offer all customers the best service and have been accomplishing total customer satisfaction by competitive prices, superior production control, strict quality assurance and punctual delivery.  Let us do all our best to let you do your best in the market.