1) Material: Aluminum alloy: JIS ADC12, DIN GDAl, GDAlSi12(Cu), ASTM A360, A380 A383, A384, A390, A413 (A13), etc Zinc alloy: JIS ZDC, DIN ZnAL4CuL (Zamk 5), ASTM ZA-8, ZA-12, ZA-27, Magnesium: AM50A, AM60A/B, AS41A/B, AZ91A/B/D/E, etc. or according to customer’s request. 2) Process: permanent casting, sand casting, die casting. 3) weight: .01-50kg 4) Surface treatment: Sand blasting, painting, powder coating, anodizing etc. 5) Heat treatment: T1~T8 6) Machining: CNC and machining center.