Steel/Stainless steel

1) Material: Stainless Steel: JIS SCS1, SCS2, SCS13, SCS14 / DIN G-X7Cr13, G-X20Cr14, G-X6CrNi18 9, G-X6CrNiMo18 10, 1.3955, 1.4308, 1.4408, 1.4581 / ASTM/AISI CA-15, CA-40, CF-3/304L, CF-3M/316L, CF-8/304, CF-8M/316, etc Carbon Steel: JIS SC450, SCC5 / DIN GS-45, GS-60 / ASTM WCB, 450-240, 80-40, etc Alloy Steel: JIS SCW480, SCSiMn2, SCCrMn3 / DIN GS-20Mn5, GS-37MnSi5, GS-34CrMo4 Bronze or Copper: JIS BC6, ALBC6, etc Other materials of Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel, Hight Manganese Steel, Tool steel, Al-Si Alloy, etc Or according to customer’s request. 2) Process: water glass/silica colloid lost wax/investment casting, resin sand casting, 3) Weight: 0.01-200kg 4) Surface treatment: Sand blasting, painting, powder coating, galvanizing, chrome plating, nickel plating, wire drawing, polishing etc. 5) Heat treatment: Tempering, annealing, quenching, carbonizing etc. 6) Machining: CNC and machining center.